Sunday, February 24, 2008


Life seems to be returning to something vaguely resembling normal. We found out how much our insurance check will be, and I’m rather impressed. I had calculated the amount of our losses and had expected the insurance to settle for some amount less than that; to my surprise, they are settling for about the amount I calculated. Yay insurance!

We have a new computer, and we are slowly rebuilding our files and getting to know Vista. So far, Vista isn’t as bad as I expected, but I would have preferred XP. The new computer itself looks like a piece of Imperial technology, and I am convinced that it’s going to build the Death Star and blow us all up.

The best thing so far is finding a way to not lose all our iTunes files. While iTunes has a way to allow you to transfer your iTunes purchases from your iPod to your iTunes library, it does not allow you to transfer the rest of your music files from the iPod to the library. It is really most inconvenient. However, through the iTunes Help forum, I learned about this free program that will allow you to do just that. Now, I did chose to upgrade to the Pro version for $15 so I could preserve my playlists, but I think it was worth the money.

Of course, if dealing with the aftermath of the robbery wasn’t enough, work decided to implode for both me and T. Now, T is at the busiest part of his work year, so he knew this was coming. I have been buried under no fewer than 25 reports which all had to be done RIGHT NOW. Of course, at least one set of reports was already several months overdue, so I get that particular urgency; but really people, I was ready to get them out by their due dates. On the upside, I’ve been getting lots of compliments from our clients about the work I’m producing. Here’s hoping that gets reflected in our next round of reviews.

I’m so very ready for a vacation. Or at least a full weekend without going to the office.