Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hello and Welcome

So. Huh. I guess I've started a blog. That was...unexpected.

Who am I?

No one special really. Female, happily married, thirty-something, no children, two cats. Too overly educated for my own good. Self-described "extreme moderate." Love my job. (When was the last time you heard that?)

Why am I here?

Sometimes I have thoughts that I need to share with someone other than my DH. And when I get annoyed with his refusal to
blog about something, he says, "Well , why don't you start a blog?"

Ok. Alright. You win. I've started a blog.

More about me:

I love media: music, movies, TV, and books. If this goes the way I hope, I will be writing mostly about these things. Occasionally, I'll dip into current events or politics, but that will mostly be when something has annoyed me enough to spend time thinking about it.

Oh, and one more thing;

If everyone would just elect me King, I could solve the world's, or at least the country's, problems. Really.

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Gift said...

All hail the king!