Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Melinda Does-a-Lot

Yes, I watch American Idol too. I tried to resist; I really did. But, I love the idea of Idol, that a talented person from the middle of nowhere could be discovered and successful. I, as a semi-talented person from the middle of nowhere, get really excited for the contestants. I often wish I were several years younger so I could try out myself.

I'm not really interested in doing weekly recaps. Other people have better and snarkier recaps, and I can't really add to that body of work. (But really, Jared, argyle? I kept waiting for you to shill for Jell-o pudding pops. And Jordyn, Pat Benatar didn't need the backup singers to hit the high notes. She did it herself.)

I like to focus on the good performances, and that's all about Melinda Doolittle. This former backup singer astounds me every week with her flawless vocals and nuanced interpretations. The DH thinks Lakisha has more pure talent, and that may be true. Lakisha seems to be singing arrangements that are nearly identical to the versions that made her famous. The fact that Lakisha has been talented enough to successfully pull off that feat has saved her from the judges' "copycat" label. Melinda has chosen different arrangements of well known songs that best show her range and versitility, and she has shown every week that practice and experience make talent shine even more brightly. I hope both women go far, but I'm rooting for Melinda.


XWL said...

Good luck with this blogging thing (harder than it looks, isn't it?)

I don't think any season of Idol has seemed so much like a foregone conclusion before.

Melinda is so much better than any other contestant that it will take a whole series of unlikely circumstances to deny her the title.

(and I post this, not due to the threat of physical violence on my person from certain folks, but inspite of said threat)

justkim said...

Hi XWL. The blogging thing is definitely more challenging than I thought. I have to remember to apologize to the DH for fussing at him for not posting more often. I'm trying to think of it as shouting in the wilderness: primal scream therapy that's not so hard on my pipes.

Anyway, I'm watching Idol now in hope of seeing some interesting performances and hearing some new (to me) songs before Melinda wins.

Icepick said...

(and I post this, not due to the threat of physical violence on my person from certain folks, but inspite of said threat)

Oh, so that's what I'm doing wrong.

Anyway, to clarify: I think Lakisha may have a little more talent than Melinda, but certainly not lots more. (And I suspect Lakisha may have perfect pitch. I don't think I've heard her hit a wrong note since they whittled it down to 24, although she has slid into a couple.) But Melinda's years as a professional are telling. She should be the favorite. The danger here will be if Melinda and Lakisha end up splitting the fan base. They're both far ahead of the pack, but I won't be shocked if one of them goes home around the sixth spot or so.

Gina said...

I'm routing for Lakisha Jones.