Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm Tifauxing tonight's Idol results so I can catch up on Lost. I want to be on record with this prediction, however.

There is supposed to be some bigger than big announcement on Idol tonight. It's supposed to be so big that it just might change the world.

I believe that they have finally, at long last, found Elvis and are bringing him in to coach the contestants.

Will I be right? Tune in to find out.

UPDATE: Alas, no Elvis. Instead we have Idol charity. I have credit cards bills I'm willing to donate to the cause.


bill said...

What little I catch of American Idol just makes me appreciate all the more the approach Rock Star takes.

Aside from the song selection, just listening to people who perform music as a career is much more interesting than the church choir/karoake wannabe.

Icepick said...

Bill, American Idol gets its share of career musicians. Besides Meliinda at least two of the other competitors in the top twelve are professionals in some sense or another.

But my wife forgot to mention the weirdest thing from last night: Randy Jackson's shirt had been Bedazzled!